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WPSocialPipes WordPress SEO Plugin

What is WPSocialPipes?

This has now been replaced with a More powerful Penguin friendly system which can be found at http://www.BookmarkLovers.com


WP Social Pipes is a wordpress plugin that cranks out authority backlinks everytime you make a post on your wordpress blog. You might be thinking whats so special about it.

In Search Engine Optimisation it is very important to place key focuses in 2 areas – one being the onsite factors of your actual post or contents that is placed on your url – so paying attention to areas such as your page titles, headings and internal linking structure. this is one of the simplest parts and is fairly easy as you are able to optimize while you are writting and laying out your page.

The 2nd part that we must pay close attention to is offsite optimization – Offsite optimization is all to do with backlink building and brand awareness –

So what the WPSocialPipes wordpress plugin does is create you the backlinks needed for each post page and also gets you the brand awareness that you need –

Let me explain

WPSocialPipes works with sites such as Pixelpipe, hellotxt, ping.fm and onlywire. These websites link to hundreds of social media sites – social media sites we all know hold masses of authority in the eyes of the search engines. so imagine with each post you publish – your post gets sent to hundreds of social media sites pointing back to your website – 

If you want to know what this plugin can do for you and what it has done for me then please visit wpsocialpipes seo wordpress plugin and watch the live video footage of the results achievable – I assure you they are nothing far from shocking

to your success


WP Social Pipes

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