Why are search engines important in SEO?

Dec 29th, 2009 | By | Category: search engines

Are search engines important? if so why?

Well firstly I would like to ask you to look back upon your own searching habits.  How do you find something when you are looking for it? 90% of the time the majority of people will undoubtedly say search engines. So if search engines are used to that extent then its only fair to say thats where the majority of the focus should be for any SEO agent.

Yes there are ways to get much traffic from affiliates and also leveraging traffic from other websites such as web 2.0 sites and social media. However nothing can compare to the benefit of being on the first page of the many search engines and driving free targeted traffic to your website.

About 90% of searches are initiated through search engines so if you are not optimizing for the search engines then your doing something wrong. Unless of course it is purposely done.

what is seoFor any serious webmaster its very important to keep track of the major search engines and there updates. If you dont know why search engines are very important to SEO then I would recommend you start to optimise for the search engines and then ask yourself the same question in 3 months time.

Search engines should be any SEO agents best friend as without them there would be no SEO. We need to live and evolve with them and learn new strategies while keeping our knowledge current and uptodate.

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