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Backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. 

  • They show site popularity
  • they become doorways to your site 
  • they drive direct trafic
  • search engine robots visit your site every time they land on a backlink 

What are backlinks ? 

what are backlinksIf you ask me then websites are like cities but on the net. A well developed city will have many roads, a port, airport(s) and different ways of getting in and out of the city. In the same way your website needs many ways to get in. On the internet everything is done through backlinks. So the more backlinks you have the more credit you get given by the search engines. 

A backlink is a link back to your website from another website. So for example if I link back to google.com from this website then this will be a backlink to google. 

How do I create a backlink ? 

Backlinks can be created in many ways. You can just type in your url like http://www.bigseotechniques.com – or you can add a backlink from an image like the advertising banners you get and once clicked it takes you to another site. 

Then there is the SEO WAY which is the anchor text linking back to your site. Now this is done by using some HTML however its very easy and as backlinking is such a massive part of SEO its a good idea to memmorise the formula. 

The reason anchor text backlinks are so useful is because we get to use a keyword to link back to our sites with. This is a very good way of telling search engines what your site is about and how other sites refer to yours. 

So if you wanted to link back to this site then you could refer back to the site as 'SEO Tips' or 'sarch engine optimisation'. When the search engine robots crawl your site and come to the backlink they will read whatever keyword you used to link to this site and follow it. The robots would then store the information and keep notes of what keywords other websites are using to link back to your site as. 

Now the trick in creating a backlink is a little HTML as mentioned above. It would be like this 

<a href="http://www.bigseotechniques.com"> SEO tips </a> 

If you type this in the HTML area of your site then it would look like this 

SEO tips

All you need to do to create one for your site is to replace the url with your url and the keyword with whatever keyword you would like to use. 

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