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Believe it or not Google top 10 rankings are not hard to achieve, its a fact that only 10 organic results will show on the first page, in this article i will show you how creating blog sites will help you in gaining them sought after results.


Firstly I must mention that no SEO strategy will be complete if you rely on one source of backlink means only – so make sure you vary your backlinking methods and stay away from bad neighbourhoods. The backlinks article is a recommended read for anyone looking to achieve long term search engine rankings.


Why are Blogs important in SEO ?

Blogs can be hosted on your own private server or you can use sites that allow you to create free blogs which will be hosted on the blog site server – for example and In this article when i refer to blog sites then i am referring to the many blog sites which allow you to create free hosted blogs.

These blog sites are used by millions of users all around the world – they get updated very frequently and the sites have earned much authority. You will usually find these blog sites with page rank 5+ –

These blog sites allow you to create your own blog – add your own posts with your backlinks – There are a number of benefits to this – firstly your backlinks that you add to your blog will become relevant due to the subject on which you have blogged about – secondly the page rank and authority of the sites domain holds value which will be filtered down to your blog – This is very valuable and has much affect – Not forgetting the amount of targeted traffic you can get through the blog internal searches. Finally the blog itself has a good chance to rank in the search engines and send targeted traffic.

The key to using these blog sites is to create a number of blogs – not only from one provider but from many – this will ensure c class ip diversity and unique backlinks. I would also suggest you bookmark your blog posts and help them rank – Many of the blogs we create here at big seo techniques also increase in page rank when there is an update – im sure you all know how important Page rank backlinks are when it comes to search engine optimisation, when these blogs increase in page rank then they hold your links which of course are filtered down to your site – adding more value and extra authority.


Using blogs alone can get you the sought after results you are looking for depending on your competition however we would always advise a variety of backlink sources to ensure you website will still rank high should these blogs be devalued by the search engines looking forward.


At Big SEO Techniques we use a variety of backlinking techniques to ensure long term preferential rankings and the creation of blogs is an important part to our strategyBlog backlinks

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