Understand SEO by understanding the Search engines

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While I was on the phone discussing SEO with a company that I provide search engine optimisation services for, I was asked how I am able to understand SEO, or what needs to be done to understand search engine optimisation?

My answer was clear and to the point. I have decided to write an article on this exact topic.

To understand SEO then you must understand Search engines

At first its not clear to the many companies/people looking to take out SEO services as to what is needed. Even many webmasters are in the same boat. They all think that SEO is rocket science and can only be achieved by using techniques which are not available to the public.

Even though we provide SEO services I would like to clearly note that SEO is not a secret and everything you find on this blog is from the many seo techniques that we use. However I must mention that SEO is a skill with balance playing a very big role.

Lets get started

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, so if you will be implementing seo techniques in order to benefit from preferential rankings then you must first understand what the search engines are looking for and how they operate.

A search engine such as google or yahoo provide results for searchers according to what they type into the search bar. These search engine companies compete against other companies in the same field and try to provide closest matches for the search query. The ultimate goal of a search engine is to provide exact and relevant matches.

To allow search engines to do this they ask webmasters or website owners to implement techniques which help them understand your website thus listing you in the SERPS. These techniques all come under SEO.

There are 2 parts to SEO

  • onsite
  • offsite

understand seoBoth parts of SEO are extremely important and if done correctly you will benefit from the sought after page 1 rankings, putting you ahead of the competition.

The best piece of advise that I can give is to play an active role on SEO blogs and news sites – Use the googles webmaster forum and learn SEO best practices.Stay away from black hat seo tactics and finally do what is required.

Many people learn about SEO but do not actually implement what they learn.

SEO can be long and repetitive and certainly requires much patience, however the results are nothing short of SWEET.

You will only find ethical white hat SEO best practices on this blog so feel free to educate yourself and start implementing the techniques. If time is an issue then use an seo company like ours.

If SEO is implemented on your website then this can benefit you by increasing traffic -sales and plays a massive part in business growth.

If there's 1 thing that an online business requires then it is the implementation of SEO – If you can not do it yourself then take out SEO services – You will not be sorry.

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