The Google Sandbox – what is it and does it really exist?

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In this article I would like to talk about the commonly used term Google Sandbox and its affects.

What is the google sandbox?

Google sandboxThe Google Sandbox is basically a time period that websites must wait in order to start ranking for high competitive keywords. Its a filter system that Google place on new websites which have little to no trust.

There are many theories on the internet regarding the Google sandbox as its not entirely clear, however we do know that some sort of filter system exists which lasts between 3 to 9 months(some claim even longer). This filter system will affect highly competitive keywords and will not show them in the SERPS.

Its important to mention that the sandbox affect is keyword related only and will not affect the whole site. It will affect the site if all of your keywords are highly competitive which require extra trust by Google in order to show the results in their SERPS.

Can I avoid the Google sandbox?

Im afraid this is not possible, Many people claim that doing this or that can reduce the chances of your site getting sandboxed. To avoid being sandboxed is never going to have a clear path. Some of the many claims are very useful to your website and rankings even if they will not actually get you out of the sandbox.

If there is a way to get out of the sandbox then you will need to:

Earn Googles trust – this is done by getting some high quality backlinks from sites such as dmoz – yahoo and other sites with high page rank including .gov and .edu domain.

Write quality contents – write quality contents so that it will become very popular – people will bookmark it – it will appear on delicious – fliker and on many blogs – Google loves contents and if you keep producing excellent content which gets syndicated and used by others then it should speed up the time your website spends in the sandbox.

Some people even say that by building backlinks slowly will also get the site out of the sandbox or avoid the sandbox altogether. To be honest this isn't a factor which will affect the sandbox.

What to do while im in the sanbox?

To come out of the sandbox requires patience and no one knows this better then webmasters who have been in the sandbox for their competitive keywords. If you are in the sandbox then dont give up –

Keep promoting your website -when you get released from the sandbox filter you should have some great rankings.

Target long tail keywords – Remember that the sandbox only affects competitive keywords – optimise your articles to target long tail keywords – you will start to rank for them quickly.

Points to consider

Being caught up in the sandbox filter is one of the worst experiences that any webmaster can have. The period ranges from 3 to 9 months – some people say that this period focuses on the site age and others say that it focuses on the age of backlinks. Either way when you get a new site make sure to start creating backlinks to it asap so that the backlinks can also age with the domain. A quality aged backlink has great power.

Remember to keep working on your optimisation for the website as when you will come out of the sandbox you should benefit from great rankings.

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