Social media and SEO

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One question that we get asked time after time,

is using Social media in a SEO strategy important?

There are many ways to look at this and whatever the way, you always come back to the conclusion that using social media is a big benefit.

Today, using social media is even more important then it ever was

Let us have a look at how social media can benefit your business

From an SEO perspective

social media and seoSearch engines love new contents and information. Search engine robots are always hungry to crawl new contents. Social media sites are being filled with new contents every single day, even this very moment- whether it be single posts – comments – lenses or even pages – there is always something new.

Due to the amount of fresh contents being published on social media sites – many search engine robots crawl these sites on a regular bases – if you ask me then social media sites have 100's of robots crawling 100's of pages every minute. (dependant on the social media site of course :))

As a result of the new contents and the many people linking back to these sites – they have gained much authority and have excellent page rank.  So using these social media sites – if it be facebook – myspace – blogger – squidoo, hubpages or another then there is no doubt that they will help your seo strategy a great deal.

Personally I can not see a seo strategy being complete without the use of social media. So when you paste your backlinks on these sites then you are getting an authority backlink pointing to you site thus passing authority and trust to your site.

What we need to realize is that one part of SEO consists of obtaining backlinks. We need to ensure we get a variety of backlinks from a variety of sites. Now im not only referring to backlinks from different urls but also website themes.

So for example – get backlinks by bookmarking your site – by submitting articles – by rss feed promotion- by social media – forum postings and even blog comments to name a few. These are different themed backlinks. This is very important as if tomorrow google or another search engine was to devalue a single theme then at least you have created your backlinks from a variety of themes.

A little while back when google devalued many directory backlinks alot of webmasters suffered the consequences – the reason was because they depended on directory submissions as the only or main form of their backlinks strategy, the results were devastating – sites which ranked on page 1 lost position and went to page 2, 3 and even further down the SERPS

I hope this makes sense. if not then feel free to comment and I will clarify.

From a Business brand awareness perspective

Using social media allows you to gain access to many people on a personal bases- by using the right techniques and tactics you are able to launch massive brand awareness campaigns –

These brand awareness campaigns have allowed many small businesses to compete with massive blue chip organisations who got the majority of their brand awareness through television – radio and many more advertising techniques. These techniques are extremely expensive. Using social media sites for brand awareness is a great inexpensive and efficient way.

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