[SEO Tip] How A PR 7 No-Follow Social Site gives a Do-follow backlink

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How a PR 7 No-Follow Social media Site provides a Do-Follow Link

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk researching some social sites. While I was going through the sites trying to master them, I started to uncover many hidden findings that caught my eye.

One Particular gem was how a Page rank 7 social site that provided No-Follow links did in fact provide Do-Follow links too.

The page rank 7 Social site I'm referring to is Diigo.

If you take a look at a random Diggo profile page such as this:

You will see that all links that the user has added are No-Follow.

It's clear that No-Follow links are valuable but when compared to Do-Follow links then we tend to see them as more valuable due to the authority they will pass on.

So Where's the Do-Follow Link?

We are currently working on a New Social Syndication System called SociSynd (Currently in Beta) and One reason why our new system is so powerful is because we ping and build 2nd tier links to the social links created. This ensures maximum crawl and indexing rates. It also starts to build authority to the social sites themselves.

While looking at other ways to make the system more powerful I started to look around and explore new areas for promotion. This is when it struck me how we can use Rss feeds from the Social sites themselves as an additional method for promotion.

And this is what Lead me to the finding I'm sharing with you today.
While I was viewing feeds from a handful of social sites, I came to see that Diigo does in fact provide Do-Follow links from the user's profile feed.

Here is a link to the feed url of the Diigo profile noted earlier:

You will notice that all the links on the feed are Do-Follow links.
It's like Magic right?  From NoFollow to Dofollow

And our new system (SociSynd) will ensure both the profile and feed urls get 2nd tier links built to them so that we get double the power from the social sites.

In my next article, I will be sharing further Social Insights and as usual you can expect to learn new positive factors that are not being discussed or shared anywhere else

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