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4 Social Sites that provide more SEO value then what catches the eye

A few days ago I woke up to find 6 of my listings on the first page of Google (Now 8). Naturally I was pleased and started to do some digging around.

I went through all of the listings that ranked on the first page and tried to determine why they ranked and why others didn't.

To cut a long story short, I started to analyze all of the social properties that had my content and backlink on them.

In total, I analyzed about 18 of the net's top social Connections.

And on each Connection, I had about 4 unique user accounts that promoted my content.

And here's what I found…

After performing some ninja research by analzing IP's and some other fancy checks, I came to see there were 4 sites that stood out from the rest.

I started to notice how despite having multiple user accounts on the same 4 social sites. The actual IP assigned to them were different.

What this means?

It shows when you have multiple user accounts on these 4 social sites then you get backlinks from an array of unique IP addresses just by having a different user account.

Let's take a closer look..,

One of the 4 social sites that I analyzed was Twitter.

I looked at 4 Twitter profiles that had my link on them and ran a few checks. And 3 out of 4 Twitter profiles had a different IP address assigned to it.

Another site that I was already aware of was Tumblr.

I looked at 4 Tumblr blogs that had my link on them and all 4 of them had a unique IP associated to them.

This meant that even though I had 4 links coming from Tumblr and twitter. The actual servers that the backlinks resided on did in fact have different IP's assigned to them.

The other 2 Social sites that I examined had a Google authority Page rank of 9 and 6

I will be sharing these 2 Social sites in my upcoming articles along with further findings that I stumbled upon when performing further analyses. (Not To Be MISSED)

For now let's just say that the site that has a PR9 not only has great authority and multiple unique IP's but it also provides Do-Follow backlinks. And I'm going to be revealing both these sites to you.

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