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As many small bussiness’  feel the expenses of PPC advertising and lower visitor counts they now know how important it is to implement at least the basics of SEO. I also run a small electornical appliances business myself and play an active role in business forums and blogs. While reading through them you notice there’s a lot of uncertainty over what makes up ‘the basics’. Theres so much information on the net  that contradicts the other that no one knows what advise to follow.

I have made a general guide for small businesses and webmasters – sort of like a checklist and should they be followed then it will be of much use.


SEO isnt a one time procedure – it isnt something that your gonna do for 1 month then leave it , its an ongoing strategy and the search engines algorithms change regularly so the techniques that you use today may not work tomorrow – seo requires a long term comitment. So be prepared to commit yourself to the process.


Search engine optimisation requires patience – it isnt a change your going to see over night – results can take the better part of a few months to see, this is especially true for the newer domains.

Keyword research

Do your keyword research from the very start. You can use free tools like the google keyword tool – look for high searched keywords and lower competition levels.

Build a great website

Every one wants to be on the first page of Google – Have a look at the first 10 sites – will yours fit in. Design a good website and make it look proffessional – Aim hi

Optimise your pages

Every one knows that onsite optimisation is only about 10% of the whole search engine optimisation procedure, but do they know how important it is? Just having an optimised page title can secure you a position on page one rather then page 10 – concentrate on your

  • title
  • meta descriptions
  • meta keywords
  • headings
  • alt text
  • keyword saturation and usage
  • internal linking

Build Backlinks

Link back to your website using anchor text backlinks. Use your keywords to link back to your sites pages which have already been optimised for those keywords. Try to get high page rank backlinks – this will pass authority to your site.

Blogg and forum commenting

Play an active role in your niche and look for quality blogs and forums – answer questions and be helpful – post backlinks to your website through your signitures and drive quality traffic.

use Web 2.0 websites

Use web 2.0 sites and social media networks to publish hubs and lenses which interlink with each other and point back to your site. your social media networks such as squidoo – hubpages – the blogger etc have their own search engines in which your pages will be found driving more targeted traffic – Google also loves social media.

Article submissions

Write quality articles on your niche subject and publish through article directories such as ezine and go articles – become an expert in your field and let your article readers feel confident in buying from you. drive quality traffic from your articles and get quality backlinks from your authors bio box.

Free tools

Make use of the free tools provided by google such as the google webmaster tools and the google analytics tools – the google trends tool is also a good tool to use for keeping up with global trends.

Create unique and quality contents

Create your own unique content rather then copy someone elses work and pasting it on your site. Google looks down on duplicated contents and penalises websites for this. With quality contents your writting with your visitors in mind who will stay loyal and become returning visitors – this builds trust and will reduce your bounce rate.

There are many more techniques and the list can go on but sticking to the parts mentioned above alone will make sure that your SEO approach is correct and will get you to the top page.

please feel free to add to the list with your comments. your comments are welcomed

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