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I always get asked questions about how to get your website ranking on the first page of Google – In this article I would like to look at this in another way and show you what not to do. This should help clear things up and will hopefully keep you on the right track to gaining that sought after page 1 ranking.

So lets get cracking

What not to do – SEO

I will list the what not to do and what to avoid when working on your websites SEO

  1. Duplicate contents/ duplicate sites :- When building a website do not use the same contents on different pages. If you need to use similar contents then try your best to make it at the least 30% unique – Using the same contents and just changing your keywords will not fool the Big boys. It will not work in your favour so avoid it.
  2. Cloaking:- Cloaking is a black hat technique which must be avoided – It is a technique used to show search engine robots different contents to that which your visitors will see – when people cloak their websites then the webpages are normally filled with many keywords which the user will not see but the search engine robot will. One way black hatters are doing this is by changing the color of the keywords to match the background color of the webpage. This must be avoided at all costs as you can get your website banned.
  3. Linking to bad neighbourhoods:- Linking to bad neighbourhoods is different to them linking to you. If they link to you then Google understands that a website can not help who links to them – however when outbound linking to another site then Google understands that this has been done by the webmaster. If you link to bad neighbourhoods then you are associating your website to theirs. Avoid linking to adult sites – gambling sites and any other website that uses any method mentioned in this article.
  4. Title stacking:- Title stacking is when you assign more then one title to your webpage in order to use more keywords in your title. – This was once an effective little trick used by some however search engine robots now class this as a dirty trick to stay away from using more then one title per a page.
  5. Doorway Pages: – Doorway or gateway pages are pages that are set-up for one keyword topic but then they take you to different content pages.  These pages usually have little value in the way of content and have little to do with the rest of the site. They are used solely to try to get a higher rank in the search engines. If your website went to human review and you was using doorway pages then be prepared to face the consequences.
  6. Hidden links:-  Avoid using hidden links on your websites – these are normally created and set to a font size which are barely visible by a human however they are picked up by the search engine robots – These may work for a small time but again if your website went to human review (which it will at one point-especially if your in a high competition niche) then it will not go in your favour.
  7. Keyword stuffing:- Stuffing your webpages with keywords is not a good idea – if you use the same keyword over and over again and your keyword density is high then you risk getting penalized. Your contents should read well and use the LSI structure. remember Google now use synonyms much more then they used to so try your best to write for your visitors on a targeted subject and you will do fine. Just dont spam and stuff keywords when they are not needed.
  8. Invisible text:- Again invisible text is similar to cloaking – as you are actually showing the search engine robots something different to what your visitors will see. This is unethical and will get your site penalized so stay away from this.

SEO dontsAs long as you stay away from these and concentrate on publishing valuable contents and creating quality backlinks then you will be fine. Just remember never to link back to sites that are using similar techniques.

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