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You have found this Blog post as you have been using to update your social media sites with the one post from PingFM. Unfortunately the service has now closed its doors for new account signups and will also close access to existing accounts any time soon.

Pingfm is what we call a social Hub

What is a social Hub ?

Social Hubs allow us to link many social media accounts to them giving the ability to make the one post which will then be syndicated to all the social sites linked to it. This of course is a huge time saver especially when you play an active role on a number of social sites. It is also very important for webmasters and for whoever practices search engine optimization.

Social Signals have never been more important then they are today

Its clear that a huge focus of search engines is focused on Social Media – So when we make a blog post or a video and go to promote it, then sites such as were ideal as we were able to make the one post and have it syndicated to many of our social accounts, this of course meant more exposure on the social sites and of course we were feeding the search engines the social signals they were looking for which of course helps our search engine rankings.

So What Now

This really depends on the kind of control you are looking for and how many social sites you would like to post to. If you are like me or many others that I know then you are looking for the best that allows you to post to as many sites as you would like and providing the best of control.

There are 2 systems that I recommend


This system when fully configured actually posts to over 100 social media sites. The system works with all of the famous social hubs including – The best thing about this system is that it is developed by internet marketers for users that demand more – It continually gets updates to it. It works streamlessly with WordPress and the website has a quick post section to make posts on the fly – very similar to PingFM.

Just look at the feedback and reviews left by others 

Get Bookmarklovers Here

Social Hub Submitter

This system is a desktop application that allows you to both post to hundreds of social media sites but also allows you to manage projects. What is unique about this system is that it will allow you to load projects and groups in order to allow constant syndication. I really cant do enough justice to the system so will instead point you to the sales Thread – Again take a read through the many positive reviews and feedback.

Get social Hub Submitter here


Both the tools noted above were configured to work with along with many more social Hubs – Now that PingFM has gone and closed its doors then this should not be a bad thing. You now know of 2 new systems that do all that PingFM did but more.

PingFM Alternative

For a PingFM alternative my vote go's with both Bookmarklovers and the SocialHubSubmitter

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