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Social Media And SEO

PR6 Social Site Provides More SEO Value Then What Catches The Eye

In our last article where we discussed Social Sites That Stand Out  which provide more SEO value then what catches the eye. I made notes of 2 sites (Twitter + Tumblr) both of which use multiple IP's for user accounts.

The meant it was possible to get backlinks from them while benefiting from an array of unique IP's just by having different Twitter/Tumblr accounts.

In short while I was performing some backlink analyses on 18 of the web's top Social media sites, I went through multiple backlinks from the same social properties. This meant I analyzed multiple twitter, multiple tumblr blogs and so forth.

In total I came accross 4 Social media Sites that stood out from the rest and in this article I will be sharing the 3rd Social Site.

The 3rd Social Site which I'm sharing with you today is a page rank 6 (No-Follow) and ranks incredibly fast in the SERPS.

Just like how Tumblr and Twitter use multiple IP's for different ser accounts then the same is true for Skyrock.

I examined 4 Skyrock blogs that had my link on them and 3 out of 4 blogs had a unique IP assigned to it.

This meant that even though I had 4 links coming from Skyrock. The actual servers that the links resided on did in fact have 3 different IP's assigned to them..

You now know 3 sites that provide links from an array of unique IP's just by having a different user account on them.

The fourth site that I examined was a Google PR9

I will be revealing the PR9 Do-Follow site in next article (Not to be Missed). Along with further findings that you're going to love.

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This is a the 2nd article on 4 social media sites that stand out when comparing them to others for Social Media And SEO

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