Making Money with Tumblr Blogs and Increasing Search Engine Rankings

Oct 9th, 2012 | By | Category: search engines

Using Tumblr Blogs to Make Money and Increase Search Engine Rankings

Tumblr is a free Micro Blogging platform that gets over 119 million visitors per a month and over 14 Billion page views. It is one of the fastest growing Social Media websites today and has millions of active users.

Tumblr has a Google Page rank 8 which shows that the Trust and Authority that Tumblr holds is huge. Utilizing Tumblr will not only help increase Search Engine rankings, which I explain further below, but it will also allow you to Tap into the active Tumblr community to send traffic to any site of your choice or monetize the traffic to make money using your Tumblr Blogs. If your not already using Tumblr in your business then your leaving to much on the table.

Tumblr can be used in many ways, below we will take a look at 2 methods in which we can benefit.

Monetizing Tumblr to Make money

Tumblr Blogs (TumbleLogs) are about 80% image/photo based. This means that the majority of blogs will be made up of Image posts. Tumblr does however support 7 post types such as Image posts, Text posts, Video posts and a few more, As Tumblr Traffic is 80% Image based then it only makes sense to be posting images in order to Tap into this active and growing community.

We will not be covering keyword research , picking a niche or creating your account but will instead go through the basic steps of driving the traffic to your blogs and pocketing the money.

When making a post then its important to add Tags. Its also important to add your TumbleLog url as the clickthrough link and source. This ensures the posts that you make get more exposure and when they are re-blogged and shared then your tumblelog url is attached to it.

Tumblr allows you to monetize your blogs by placing banners, adsense blocks and so much more. The idea here is to upload images to your Tumblr queue which is like a scheduled post feature, add about 7 tags to each post and your tumblelog url as the click-through/source link and then let all the traffic come to your Blog. Visitors will see your banner adds and google adsense which will then make you money.  This is very scalable but you will need to automate the process. Feel free to view the following Tumblr Software that also comes with a great Tumblr Guide.

Using Tumblr to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Tumblr holds much authority in the eyes of the search engines and its so easy to benefit from this by leveraging the authority to your sites. If you wasnt aware then Tumblr still provide you with Do-Follow backlinks when you make posts on your own Tumblelogs. What this means is that when your post gets re-blogged by another Tumblr user then the link back to your own TumbleLog is do-follow. This will then increase the Page rank of your own tumblelog. You can then enter linkbacks to your own sites from your Tumblelog which will increase your search engine rankings and also your page authority.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about making money with Tumblr


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