Link Claw review Linkclaw bonus and discount by Chris Munch

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Link claw review LinkClaw Bonus

Before I get into reviewing Link claw I would firstly like to point out the issues we face with website promotion and how a powerful under priced tool Like Link claw makes a massive difference in our efforts.

Many of you will know that backlinks play a huge role in SEO and as a result we spend much of our time looking for new backlinks to help our search engine rankings. The real problem that we get faced with is our backlinks not counting for anything, the main reason this happens is because our backlinks do not get found by the many search engine robots.

What this means is that we spend heaps of time searching and creating backlinks only to find out that a tiny proportion have actually been found and are helping. If I was to tell you that 80% of the links you create are not working for you then im sure this will raise chaos.

The truth in the matter is just this. only 20% of our backlinks are actually found and get counted, so the results we get have always been based on 20% of our full efforts. This is where a solid tool like LinkClaw comes in capitalises on our work and efforts.

Link Claw Bonus

As we have a high reader rate on this Blog I have managed to cut a deal with the owner of Linkclaw – Chris Munch. Ive managed to secure a 50% discount should you get the product through the link below


Link Claw has many more features and below I have noted a few

  •     Higher rate of indexed backlinks
  •     Monitoring your backlinks
  •     Higher rankings
  •     Save money on backlink building

The real cool thing about the LinkClaw system is that Chris Munch has used some awesome rss mashing and promotion techniques that take this system to the very next level. Not only is it very easy to use that someone not knowing anything about seo will benefit but its newbie friendly and comes with my highest recommendations.

Get Link claw today and shoot your website ranking to the top of Google

This is an unbiased Link claw review, bonus and Linkclaw discount by Abbas Ravji

Link claw review

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