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 Keyword research is very important in SEO


keyword researchAnyone that does SEO work on a website is looking to build on the organic results.  To build on organic results you must make sure that all of your pages are optimised for whatever keywords you would like to rank for. Its no good ranking high for something that only gets searched a few times a month as your not gonna get many visitors. Its always advisable to rank for keywords that many people are using with low competition levels. So the key to get results fast would be to optimise your pages for high volume searched keywords that have a low competition level

How to do keyword research 

Instead of guessing what people type into search engines to find certain products or services you can use the Googles statistics. Theres nothing better then accurate results. Theres a massive amount of data that google holds and its available for free to anyone that would like to do a little research. All succesful SEO agents do their keyword research using statistics provided by google or some other firm. 

Personally the way that I do my keyword research is by using the googles keyword suggestion tool  The great thing about the tool is that it tells you what the monthly search volume for certain keywords are and what advertising levels there are. Now by advertising levels this keyword tool refers to Pay Per Click (PPC) adds used by others. We dont really want to concentrate on this section of the tool at the moment but this can also be very useful when doing your own PPC adds and when you monetize your site for google adsense. More of which will be discussed in my ebook. 

Now you are looking for keywords that are searched for often and that have a steady search volume every month. You can also tick the use synonyms radio button so that Google will bring up keyword ideas in your niche. The search volume for each keyword will also be given. 

Once you have found your well searched for keyword you need to check out the competition on the net for the organic results. So take your keyword that you have found on the googles keyword tool and enter it in the google search engine. Now look towards the top right of the page and you will see some numbers which will say something like 1-10 of about 53 000 000 . The large number to the right (53 000 000) is an indication of what your competition level is. 

A figure such as 53 000 000  is a fairly high competition level and it will take some good SEO work to get your site to page 1 of Google. The majority of my friends in the SEO field look for competition levels of about 2 000 000 or less. This is a good competition level to start off with but can sometimes be hard to find such levels unless you are using long tailed keywords ( this will be discussed in another article) 

Personally I dont find it difficult to compete with massive competition levels however it does take longer to see results. Another way you could do some keyword research is by looking through sites such as youtube and jumptags under your niche – More of this is discussed in my ebook. Keyword research can go on for hours so I would recommend you stick with one tool and use it unless you know what you are doing. 

I took a full course on keyword research and to be honest the google keyword suggestion tool is a fabulous tool to use with more or less accurate results. 

So for your keywords you are looking for high volume searches and low competition levels – Once you have found your keywords then its time to optimise each page according to the guide I have written on the first steps in onsite optimisation 

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