The importance of Article marketing for SEO

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In this article we will be talking about why article marketing is important to SEO – we will look at the many benefits of writing articles and doing the right marketing with them.

What is article marketing?

article marketingArticle marketing is a form of composing an article and then submitting it to a number of article directory sites in order for visitors/searchers to read. In short article directory sites have a massive volume of searchers looking for new articles to read and to syndicate.

We will come over to the benefits it has on SEO in a moment, but first lets just take a look at what other benefits article marketing can bring you.

  • When you write an article then you are actively playing a role within your niche which shows that you are an expert in this area.
  • On every article that you write you will have an author box where by you can write a small paragraph about your services, product and company – so it helps with brand awareness.
  • Many of these article directories have 1000's of visitors looking for information all of the time – so you will have access to many of these visitors and be able to get your word out to many more people.
  • If for example you sell products then dont forget that before someone buys a product many look for reviews or guides and tips. If you was to write a guide or a review for your products then you will also attract the many customers that look for advise before they search for the actual product.
  • If someone was to read your article then they will have much more trust in buying from you – provided that you have a good quality article.
  • Articles give you the ability to show your expertise and share your vast knowledge

The benefit of article marketing for SEO

If the above mentioned part of article marketing benefits still isnt enough to convince you to start using this technique then maybe knowing the benefits that it can have for your seo campaign will.

  • Article directory sites such as ezine articles and goarticles are authority sites. When you post an article on these sites then you will also get a couple of backlinks for your website. These backlinks are quality links which are important to any seo campaign.
  • On many occasions you will notice that articles placed on directory sites tend to rank much higher in the search engines therefore allowing you very quick exposure.
  • Article directory backlinks are also very important in seo as they provide a different backlink theme. What I mean here is the backlink will be coming from an article site as opposed to a bookmark – profile backlink – blog comment etc. A variety of different themed backlinks are very important in the same way that different class c ip backlinks are also important.
  • Webmasters browse article directory sites and if they find an on topic quality article then they will syndicate it to their blogs or article sites – This means even more backlinks for your site.

So as you can see article marketing benefits a business in many ways.

Look out for the up and coming article on how to write quality contents which is optimised for your keywords

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