3 Crucial Tips For More Social Media Traffic In 2013

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Tips to Get More Traffic From Social Media Sites & Tapping into Online communities

Its no secret that Social media sites drive much more traffic then search engines. In fact Social Media Giant Pinterest alone, caters for more referral traffic then Google, LinkedIn and Youtube combined.

Tapping into popular social media sites is a must for any serious marketer and In this article we will cover 3 Crucial tips to Get More Social Media Traffic

Understanding Social Media Communities

The very first thing to get right from the very start is to actually understand the community you are looking to Tap into. The best way to do this is to actually research some of the Demographics of a site. I personally use Quantcast to check a websites demographics. Such as the Age and gender of the community at large.

For example doing a little research on Pinterest you will come to find that the majority of users are Women. This information alone can help us loads and just before you ask the question then let me ask it for you.

Does this mean that if your selling products geared towards men then Pinterest is no good ?

The short answer is NO, Let me explain..

Pinterest is Huge, So you can be sure your targeted Niche will be available however it will not be as large as other niches.

After Viewing the demographics we know the majority of users on Pinterest are women so to truly take advantage of the Pinterest community we need to try and tweak our marketing approach so that it works better for the community at large which is women.

If for example you are marketing Mens clothing or even packs to help you stop smoking where the wider audience is men then tweaking your approach will help conversions.

So instead of a Normal approach trying to catch the attention of smokers you would instead try and catch the attention of women who have partners that smoke- So maybe something like " Tired of your partners Bad breath? Help him quit smoking" or something along them lines. The idea to take away from this is that we should try and engage with the community at large and tailor our marketing methods to the wider crowd.

Some will argue that micro targeting gives the best return. This is true but having a social presence is more important then ever. You will find that working the social communities will not only send direct traffic from the social sites but it will also encourage users to share and be vocal about your product and even increase your social signals which is a must for todays Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Engagement

As marketers we always want to make notes of our products, pitch whenever we get the opportunity and close deals any time we can. This is truly a wrong approach to starting your social Media Presence and before you will even get the opportunity to build your followers/fans the social sites themselves will close your account. 

Its important you engage with your audience, This would mean commenting, liking, following and even sharing. When you start following users or liking there posts then they will come and view your work and if they find something they like they could then share, like, comment etc on it and the process go's on.

Once you have built some trust, followers etc then this is the time to slowly try and monetize your social traffic.

Customizing your Social Media Accounts

Now that you have a Social presence and are engaging with the community you need your brand to make an impact. By customizing your social media profiles you can add your websites url and branding.

Dont forget to customize your profiles and add your branding as this will be a key step to converting your users.

Using Images, Memes and Animated GIFs for More social media Traffic

Images, animated gifs and memes are huge on social media. They get shared much more then anything else and tapping into this latest craze can mean the difference between a trickle of traffic to a boat load of traffic.

When adding images etc then dont forget to brand each image, this can be done by using text on the image, placing a logo on the image or even watermarking them. For a great tool that allows you to create Memes, animated gifs from video, banners and even distribute them on auto pilot to your social media sites and your wordpress blogs then take a look at Viral Image Wizard

I hope you enjoyed the 3 crucial tips to get More Social Media Traffic in 2013

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