How To Make Money With Tumblr, 3 Simple Tips

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3 Simple tips on how to make money with Tumblr Blogs

The Tumblr Blogging platform has a huge online community and boasts phenomenal growth. Its for this very reason online marketers utilize Tumblr for making money or for distributing content and attracting new prospects.

In this short article we will be discussing 3 simple steps on how to make money with Tumblr

Using Google Adsense to monetize your Tumblr blog

Tumblr allows you to monetize your blogs in a number of ways. One method they cater for is Google adsense. If you would like to know how to setup your Google adsense on your blogs then please feel free to view the following Post which outlines How to add adsense to your tumblr blogs

Sending Tumblr Traffic to your Landing Pages / Offers

Many of us will already have plenty of landing pages and online stores that actually sell products. Dont be shy to make use of the sheer amount of traffic that Tumblr has to offer. Upload some decent images, tag them and dont forget to add your click through links to the uploads. You will be surprised with the amount of traffic a decent image can pull.

Monetizing with PPV (Pay per View)

Why not upload your images to a service which allows you to make money from it. Services such as imagetwist allow you to upload your images and then for every view you receive to your image, you will be rewarded with money. Imagetwist currently pay $3.50 for every 1000 image views. This can build up to become a large some of money.

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How to Make Money with Tumblr

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