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Using Twitterfeed and wordpress to update all your Hellotxt social media accounts

As your probably aware Im off on vacation for a week – So I thought I would get this posted real quick as ive updated the http://www.socialhubbuilder.com/  to work with Hellotxt – so now it will work with Ping.fm, Pixelpipe, Onlywire and now Hellotxt

Wordpress when used with Hellotxt can and will not only provide SEO benefits but also great targeted traffic – not to forget the followers you will gain -If you havnt seen how we can also use Ping.fm and Pixelpipe with a wordpress plugin then please take a look at the following url  Pixelpipe WordPress Plugin

So here go's a quick explanation of how to set things up – I will also try to get things automated on my return to make it more hands free

Things you will need

TwitterFeed –
Wordpress Blog
Hellotxt account (with social sites linked to it)


We will be using Twitterfeed to send our blog post to from our wordpress blog – Our Hellotxt account will be linked to twitterfeed which will send our blog post to it and the linked sites.

Step by step instructions

Signup to http://twitterfeed.com – When you have entered your details – you will be taken to

Step 1: Name Feed & Add Source URL

So name your feed whatever you like – Eg: BigSEO

Then enter your wordpress blog rss feed – eg: http://www.bigseotechniques.com/blog/feed/rss/

Hint – Click test feed to ensure its ok

Click the advanced settings towards the bottom to ensure your happy with everything – You will however want to make sure that the url shortner is a 301 redirect and not a 302 –

To the general user there isnt much difference between a 301 and 302 redirect service because they both redirect to your chosen location-

On the other hand for us there is a major difference – we need to ensure we use a 301 redirect service as this tells the search engines that the redirect is permanent which will then make the search engines give credit and link juice to your site – If your unsure do a google search on the url – I think bit.ly is a 301 redirect and good to use.

Click continue to step 2

You will now be taken to

Step 2: Configure Publishing Services

You will see 4 available services you can configure with hellotxt being one of them

Click on hellotxt

It will now ask you to authenticate your hellotxt account service – It asks you for your hellotxt API user_key –

Login to your hellotxt account then go to http://hellotxt.com/settings/api/twitterfeed  – Click on Enable this application

Wait a few moments – and you will be given a User_Key – it will look something like the following 6Q5n4WNDAY

Copy and paste this key into your Twitterfeed account where it asks you to enter the hellotxt API user_key

Click – get available service

Click on default from the drop down menu and then create service –

Your now done – Each time you update your wordpress blog – The post will be sent to Twitterfeed which will then send it to Hellotxt which of course sends it to all the social sites you have linked to it :-)
If you need hellotxt accounts then dont forget to check out Social Hub Builder

TwitterFeed wordpress

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