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This is a conclusion to googles top 5 ranking factors.

In the last article we wrote about how top seo gurus narrowed down almost 200 google ranking factors and voted on the top 5 which held most importance. If you missed the last article then feel free to have a read by clicking the link above.

Google top ranking factors

Google have so many ranking factors that its hard to keep up, many of these factors when compared by importance have different values. So its fair to say that if you cant keep up with them all then try and focus on the main factors with the highest of importance. Below we dig deeper into some more ranking factors.

Keyword usage in the title tag

We discussed this to be amongst the top 5 ranking factors in the previous article – again i cant stress enough how important it is to spend some time and optimise your titles. Better still if you can use your keyword as the first word in your title tags then your on your way to a great start.

Using your keyword in your domain name.

This is something you need to consider before registering a domain name. Its clear that domains that are using keywords as the name have a better chance of ranking for the given keyword. This is important but not the end of the world if you dont have your keywords in the domain. Ive worked on many sites and have outranked keyword rich domains for their own keywords. If you pay close attention to other ranking factors then you will be fine.

Using your keywords in your <h1> tag

A great deal of emphases is placed on <h1> tags – using your keyword within this tag will not only help search engines understand you website better but it will also make sure your giving the robots the right message as to what keywords your website should rank for.

Using your keywords as anchor text when linking internally.

linking internally using your anchor text is a great way to show search engine robots what your webpages are about. In the same way that its important in using your keywords for your backlinks its just as important to link back to your pages internally using your keywords.

Using anchor text when building backlinks

Again this was mentioned in the previous article, but just to emphasis that its important to use your keywords as the anchor text when building backlinks. Dont always use the same keywords – vary them and use the LSI structure.

Keyword use in the first 50-100 words in the html of the page 

Its also important to continue with the usage of varied keywords in the first paragraph of your body text.

I will continue this subject and explore deeper into more ranking factors in our next article to come.

Google ranking factors


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