Googles top 5 ranking factors

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Many of us already know that Google have 200 or so ranking factors which they take into consideration when showing a website in the SERPS. If only we knew what these were then we would be able to focus our attention in the right areas.

In this article I will be writing about the top 5 ranking factors. These ranking factors have been voted to be of the most importance by a poll voting system which was completed by top SEO agents.

So lets get cracking

Googles Top 5 Ranking Factors

Using your keywords as the anchor text from External links 73%

73% of the poll results showed this to have the most importance. I always knew that using your keywords as the anchor text is important but didnt realize that so many other SEO agents felt this to be the most important factor. 

Please note that in order for any SEO strategy to work then it must look natural. If you will be using the same anchor text over and over again then that looks spammy. Vary your anchor text and use a LSI structure in the same way that is needed for onsite optimisation.

External link popularity 71%

This was voted to be the 2nd most important ranking factor. Your link popularity refers to the quantity and quality of the backlinks. I would say that link quality plays a bigger role then quantity but its no good having just 2 or 3 good quality backlinks you will need loads.

The diversity of link sources 67%

This was voted as the 3rd most important ranking factor. This is a very important area to focus on. Its no good just getting backlinks from directory sites or blog comments – you really need to diversify your backlinking methods.Use the many web 2.0 sites – article sites – high profile sites – rss promotions – blog comments and the many more areas in which you can get backlinks from.

If tomorrow Google turned round and devalued certain backlinks then this could harm your rankings if you relied on this method of backlinking only. Dont hold all your eggs in one basket!!

The usage of your keyword in the title tag 66%

This was voted 4th most important ranking factor.  The title tag is a very important area for your onsite optimisation. It will be shown in the SERPS and it also helps the robots understand what your page is about. If you dont spend much time on onsite optimisation then this is one area I would advise to concentrate on.

Trustworthiness of the domain 66%

This was the 5th most important ranking factor. Its not very clear as to what makes a trustworthy domain however its important that Google trust your domain in order to get higher rankings.

There are many areas which will help towards making your domain trustworthy – such as the age of the domain. The older it is the more chance its not going to be a spam site. Getting backlinks from already trustworthy sites with high page rank. These websites have already earned their trust and if they link back to you then Google will pass trust to your site in the same way that authority will also be filtered down to your site.

There are many more ranking factors. I have only named the top 5 in order of importance. I have not built the order that they are in but they have been voted in this order of importance.

Please note that concentrating on the above factors alone will not guarantee you a high rank as many more factors are also considered. As mentioned about 200 in total. These ranking factors are split between onsite and offsite factors. 

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This is a set of many more articles to come. The next will be the top 5 negative ranking factors and then we will split the onsite and offsite details and look at them in more detail.

Googles ranking factors

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