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This is a conclusion of Googles ranking factor – onsite – if you havnt already read it then its a recommended read. For anyone trying to get top positions in Google then its important that we understand the ranking factors. In this article I will be looking at Googles ranking factors for offsite SEO which is extremely important to ensure high rankings in Google. I will go through each area according to the its importance.

The quality of backlinks

backlinksMany people practising SEO look at the quantity of backlinks rather then the quality. Let me just mention that a quality backlink will work much more in your favour as opposed to 20 weak backlinks. The question is how do you determine a quality backlink to a weak one. Well im sure you guys have heard of page rank. We will come to this in a moment, even though Google is advising us not to pay close attention to the pagerank its very important to understand that the Page rank aspect of Google is one of the areas which really puts google ahead of other search engines. SO even though we have been advised not to pay alot of attention to this area its still help us in determining a websites trust and authority. So getting backlinks from trustworthy sites which have high page rank is what I call a quality link

The anchor text used

In the same way that a backlink is classed as a vote for your website, the anchor text used is classed as a vote for the keyword used. This is one of the main reasons why you can find adobe reader to be on the first spot of google for the keyword 'click here' However, it is important to vary your backlinks as if you are backlinking to your site using the same anchor text over and over again then this will not look natural and you can risk getting penalized. Just make everything look natural and you will see great results.

The importance of pagerank

Google has advised us not to focus on page rank and as a result they have removed this part from the webmasters account. There are many examples on google whereby low page rank domains are outranking high page rank domains in competitive niches. This tells us that page rank does not have a massive role for search engine results. However page rank still counts as to find out what authority the site has and will help when getting backlinks. A backlink from a high page rank domain will outweigh 20 backlink from a low page rank domain. The importance and weight of page rank has reduced however for the majority of searches performed you will still see the majority of high page rank domain dominating the serps.

The Topical relevance of inbound links

This is regarding the subject specific relevance relationship of the site linking to your target page. You will find many websites in the top pages of search engines that have backlinks with no relevance. However I can see this part becoming even more important in the future to come. What you must understand is that a backlink from a relevant site will give your website a higher Click Through Rate(CTR) which mentioned in another article is also important. What we must realize is that the anchor text will also make a backlink relevant so its not only about the actual subject specific relevance relationship. google ranking factors

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