Google’s Mobile friendly Update For HTML Sites

Apr 11th, 2015 | By | Category: search engines

Google mobile update searchOn April the 21st 2015 Google will be updating their search engine algorithms to include a new ranking factor that will determine how your site ranks for mobile devices. 

This update means that if your site is not mobile friendly then you could see a massive reduction in your organic traffic.

Our last post showed you how to make your site mobile friendly for free and it invluded a video that showed you how to make any wordpress site mobile friendly for free and how the Mobile friendly update will effect you.

How To Make a HTML Site mobile friendly

The video below shows you how to make any HTML website mobile friendly for free using our free to use software. You can convert any website so that it is mobile friendly within minutes and without having to perform any type of redesign. 

The technique makes use of the separate urls configurations as outlined by Google

Be sure to test your sites to see if they are mobile friendly

Simply enter your name and email in the form and we will email you a copy of the software instantly


The image below shows that Google has accepted the changes made to the HTML url, it has kept the rankings for the site and it is showing the mobile page to mobile devices.

html mobile friendly

Redirect Code Noted In Video

Download the redirect Code that detects a mobile device here

Google has a search engine that will be shown to mobile searchers, In order to be included in this engine then your site needs to be mobile friendly
Mobile devices can be recognized by the header information that is sent when requesting th epage

Perform this test to find out if your site is mobile friendly


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