Google Hummingbird Update Video Training & The Future Of Search

Oct 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: search engines

Learn All About The Google Hummingbird Update

Watch the Google Hummingbird Video Presentation Below

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More Training: Click here for New Video Presentation On Google and LSI

Video Notes

Google recently released their first algorithm rewrite in 12 years , this rewrite has effected 90% of searches however only few have actually seen a noticiable change.

The video presentation will explain and cover the following points.

  1. What has changed in the new hummingbird update?

  2. Why Google had to make this update?

  3. What Google is trying to achive from this update?

  4. What direction are Google heading towards?

  5. Google Hummingbird Key points

The video also shares some solid strategies that we can begin to implement straight away – such as

  1. New Strategies to Implement post hummingbird

  2. Post Hummingbird keyword research techniques

The video then ends with a Hummingbird conclusion.


Google Hummingbird Update

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