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Google Caffeine update

Many people have heard about the new google caffeine update which is set to go live in early 2010. As google and other major search engines update and change their algorithms its very important that we stay up to date and work with them in order to achieve our preferential rankings in the search engines by means of SEO – search engine optimisation.

One of the biggest talked about changes which google has advised us of is the site load time speed. This will be added as one of the many factors that Google uses in their ranking algorithms. Looking at this from a user or searcher perspective which is the reason why Google will be adding this so called site load time factor, it is fair to say that users want a site to load quickly.

Google Caffeine is focused on real time results which will mean quicker indexing and more priority to fresh contents. So its not a surprise that Google is also looking to give better points or rankings to sites which have a quicker load time.

Google have also added a Lab section in the webmasters account  which shows your sites performance. The section provides details of your websites load time speed and also points you in the right direction of how to speed up your sites load time speed.

Below is an image of how a few tweeks have changed the loadtime speed of – image is taken from the google webmasters account under the Labs section and site performance

site load time

One of the changes that google recommends is adding a gzip compression to your website – by adding gzip compressions the site reduces in size which quickens the load time speed.

We will compose an article on exactly what can be done to increase the site loadtime speed. this will cover

optimising your images so they are not big files

will a dedicated server be needed- we will also cover this area on another article

gzip compression

also other areas.

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