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What are do follow backlinks?

For those that are not aware about do follow backlinks then let me explain a little. 

do follow backlinksIn the world of Search engine optimisation we all know that backlinks are the key to improving your SERPS (search engine result pages) So if you want to rank higher on the search engines then you will want to concentrate on building your backlinks. In the past it was alot easier as you could go to any blog or forum and paste your backlink on there. The problem about this was that all the SEO agents would go to any blog or forum and start pasting links after links. The Search Engines didnt like this and it was very hard for them to know who to give credit to. 

So the search engines teamed up with blog providers such as wordpress and other blogging platforms with a resolution to this spamming process. They introduced something known as NO FOLLOW links. No follow links are created the same way as backlinks however the website that you will add your link to will automatically generate a special code before the link which will stop the search engine spiders from crawling the link.  So in actual fact its as if the link did not exist as far as the search engines were concerned. Or better still the search engines would still crawl the links but will not give the link any credit so it will not act like link juice. 

A dofollow link is the opposite to a no follow link. So as normal you will paste your link on a blog or forum and the link will get followed with the credit going to the website – so in other words this will act like link juice. 

How to tell a no follow from a do follow link

To spot a no follow link you will need to look into the source of the webpage. Look for links that have the ' rel="nofollow" atribute before them. This shows you that the website is following the no follow rule so if you was to paste a link onto this site then the link will not act like link juice. 

The way I do this myself is by using a firefox plugin – The plugins name is NoDoFollow – its a great plugin that saves me much time. All you need to do is go onto any webpage and right click anywehere on the page. Your menu box will appear and it will have an option to click NoDoFollow. Once it has been clicked then all of the links on the page will get color coded. If the links are colored red then that means the webpage is using the rel="nofollow" atribute but if the links appear grey then all links are do follow. 

Should we still post on no follow pages?

Posting on no follow sites can still give you much trafic from the site. I mean if you had a blog about DVD films for example and you went to a well used blog or forum which was using no follow links then its still worth your while pasting a link on the forum. Obviously try not to act spammy or your link will get removed. The reason its a good idea to do this is because your link will still be visable to all of the users using the site. So you will have the posibility to get traffic from this site. 

Another reason its still good to paste links on no follow sites is because not all search engines act the same way as google. I have personally seen a massive increase in my serps when I used no follow links. This tells us that no follow links still have some value in the SEO world. However all of the links that I had which were no follow were from relevent sites – I also believe this had a big part to pay. 

What should we concentrate most on No follow or Do Follow links?

Its without a doubt that myself and any other SEO agent would tell you to concentrate on Do follow links the most. The reason behind this is because you will get credit for the link by every search engine. The do follow links will deffinatly help you increase your SERPS where as No Follow links will more or less not help – Please note that no follow links can also help but more experiments are still needed to be taken in order to give an acurate answer. 

Do follow links act like what we call link juice – the more link juice you have the better chance you will have to increase in the SERPS. 

How can we find Do Follow Links?

You can find do follow links by searching through do follow blog directories – these can be found in any search engine – just type in do follow directory or something and you will get lists of directories which show do follow blogs – please note that many of the listings in these directories will need to be checked on a indivifual bases as some webmasters who use the rel="nofollow" atribute still submit their sites to these directories – Yes I know this is very annoying – 

Another way would be to just check every website you land on with the firefox extension NoDoFollow plugin 

I have a list of over 300 or so do follow sites that range from a page rank 3 to page rank 9. all of these websites give free do follow links. I supply this list in my ebook and also sell the list seperatly. If you are interested then please contact us – we also build links for our clients so please feel free to enquire.

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  1. Like you said – backlinks are important for anybody trying to build an online presence, especially dofollow links.  A couple of good sites (fairly mainstream) I have found that have dofollow links are squidoo and tumblr.