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Backlinks are a very big part of your search engine optimization process. They show the poplularity of your website and everytime a search engine robot finds itself on a website that has your backlink on it then the search engine robot will find its way to your website.

The more a search engine robot stays and crawls your website the more the search engine assumes your website is popular. So its a good idea to get the robots on your site as much as possible.

Websites are like a city but on the internet. Just like cities require many highways – ports and roads for ease of access, in the same way websites require these. For websites this is achieved by backlinkg to it.

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that backlinking is about quality and not quantity so you want to make sure you are getting quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks can be from high authority sites which hold good google page rank (3+) and sites that are relevent to your website. 

Its also a great idea to get a variety of backlinks so use: Profile page backlinks directory submission bookmarking article directory submission software submission blog commenting forum posting video marketing backlinks and the list keeps going on.

One more thing before we end the post is that you should also look for .EDU and .ORG backlinks as these hold a good value when your whole site gets assessed by the search engines.

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