Backlinks on Auto Pilot With Cool new Pixelpipe WordPress Plugin

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Automated Backlinks plugin for Pixelpipe

I came across a great new tool today, its a wordpress plugin thats so simple to install that it only takes 3 clicks – I was actually amazed at how easy it was –

Its a Plugin that works with Pixelpipe, If you dont know what Pixelpipe is, then its a social network platform that links to 40+ social media websites and allows you to update them from one location. It links to video sites, micro blogs, audio, images and even tweet and bookmarking sites. We all know the importance of these in SEO right?

If you have been following my latest Warrior Special Offer (WSO)  Pixelpipe software then you will know how we can automate the creation of over 65+ social media websites and have them linked to pixelpipe, and onlywire – soon to be added is Hellotxt -which will take the account creation to 80+ social sites.

So ive been on a quest for my users trying to find out the easiest and most hands free approach in using these social network sites – On my journeys I came across a couple of wordpress plugins and thought I had hit gold – until of course I started to read the many reviews only to find out that the plugins were no longer supported.

Thats when I found the following –

And ive made a video on how simple it is to use and install below


Results from using the pixelpipe wordpress plugin below

Search engine:Google – Keyword: Pixelpipe WordPress Plugin

Result in red is the actual link you see in this post –Yellow results are all my posts using the Pixelpipe wordpress Plugin

PixelPipe WordPress Plugin

Get the same results yourself using the Internet Marketing Power Suite (IMPowerSuite) and the plugin

Get the download from http:/



Pixelpipe WordPress Plugin

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