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Build long term rankings using a strategic approach and gain website stability

backlink techniquesMany people practising seo manage to get their websites to page 1 of google only to find it crawls down and loses its rankings after a week or so, from page 1 to page 2 and so on. They then go on a backlinking quest and give the site another boost, only to be faced by the same issues over and over again. Now many people encounter this problem and its very frustrating. There are a few things we can do to help our rankings maintain their positions in the search egines and gain website stability.

  • 1.Frequently work on your offsite optimisation(optimization)
  • 2.use a LSI structured anchor text backlinking method – even include backlinks without anchor text to ensure everything looks natural
  • 3.use a variety of backlinking sources – as noted at the bottom of the article
  • 4.update your website frequently
  • backlinks to your backlinks and make them rank in the search engines – they will also become stronger backlinks passing better authority to your site.

1. Its self explanatory – work on your offsite optimisation frequently. Dont do it once a week or once every 2 weeks – try and do it about 3 times a week – this makes it easy and will stop the sudden dropping of rankings. 2. When we build our backlinks its a very good idea to use our keywords as anchor text.- in the same way that we do our onsite optimisation by using a LSI (latent semantic indexing) structure, we should do the same with our anchor text when backlinking – What this means is that we should use different variations of our keywords as the anchor text – in the same way that we do it with our onsite optimisation when laying out our text. This will ensure we rank for all of our keywords and will look natural – not spammy. Its also a good idea to link back to your webpages by using your url only. The reason for this is because if your website was pulled up for a human review and they went through all of your backlinks and found that every single one was a anchor text with more or less the same keyword used as the anchor text then this would look spammy and un-natural. If you do it the LSI anchor text way while using your url alone at times then this would not happen. 3. Get backlinks from a variety of sources such as

  • article directories
  • blogs
  • forums
  • web 2.0 sites
  • social networking sites
  • bookmarks
  • article directories
  • video directory sites
  • rss aggregator sites
  • software sites
  • profile backlinks

4. Update your website frequently – Google and major search engines love new contents – and we all know that on the internet contents is king.Try and update your site about 2-3 times a week – the more you can update the better. 5. When you publish an article or create a web 2.0 site such as a squidoo lens then build backlinks to them also – They will also start to rank in the search engines and will become a more powerful backlink with better value for your main site. The key thing to remember in any seo campaign is that it needs good organisation and a strong strategy plan. While you work on your SEO your competitors also work on their own. Its a fierce game but once you know what your doing then you can become the competition. Please feel free to leave a comment – any unsuitable comments will not be shown. If you need to outsource your seo work then take a look at our seo services website seo services uk

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