Account Creation Software for OnlyWire, Posterous, Social Adder, IFTTT and more

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Backlink software for creating Onlywire, Hootsuite, DLVRIT, SocialAdr, Posterous & More

A number of Backlink softwares are available in the market, but if your not sure what they do then some can do more harm then good. Many will think that backlinks will not be able to cause harm to your website as its part of the offsite optimization process. I agree this makes great sense, however if you own a website then you will also know how important it is to gain quality, high page rank and authority backlinks. So in certain cases, 10 backlinks will be better then 100 backlinks – such as 10 page rank 3 backlinks will be better then 100 page rank 0 backlinks. If you agree with me so far then read on as the backlink tool I will be showing you is a website owners dream.

SEO Backlink software churns out Social media Accounts and links them to Social media Hubs

Many of the names in the sub heading above will be recognizable by many, not because I have blogged about them before but because they have become more and more famous as website owners and bloggers get to know of them. Lets take a look at one of the properties a little closer and see what its all about.

Pixelpipe -(Please note Pixelpipe is now closed)

A full list of up to date supported social media Hubs that the supports are (Onlywire,, gremln, Bookmarklovers, Hootsuite, IFTTT, Posterous, SocialAdr, Scoopit and Seesmic) In total the social hub Builder signs up to over 110 social media sites.

Pixelpipe is a platform that links to many social media properties, it has applied for certain API privileges with the many sites that it links to in order to make things much easier for bloggers and website owners – what this service allows you to do is to link all your social media properties such as blogger, livejournal, youtube, wordpress and many more so that you are able to make the one post to pixelpipe and it will distribute it and update all your linked social media properties – think about this for a moment to understand the true potential especially from a SEO perspective

The one thing that we will all have to go through is to ensure we signup to all the social media sites and then link them to the social media hubs- this can take a few hours just for pixelpipe alone – now the software I want to bring to your attention is

view the video below to see how one pixelpipe account got me instant indexing and  a top google ranking within hours – why not see for yourself – in google type in pixelpipe wordpress plugin and see my videos on the 1st and 2nd page of google along with my blog post – oh yeh – look at the many more results and see how many i own :-)



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